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What We Do

The Matchlight Group offers personalized, premium, national-level branding and marketing to small and mid-size businesses. From graphic design and copywriting, to full brand development, logos, websites, animation and voice over, our team delivers elite quality consistently, efficiently, and most importantly, joyfully.


Our Approach

We build long-term relationships with the businesses we work with. Your brand is the way you relay your message to the world, so we tailor all of our work for you to your ideal client and the way your brand solves their problem. We focus on clarity, connection, and excellence in everything we do.


Our Mission

The Matchlight Group provides ongoing branding and marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses looking for an “in-house” team experience at prices that make everything possible. Our personable, reliable, trustworthy and communicative team works with only a select roster of clients looking to grow together. From our organized, world-class processes, to our 5-Star service and much more, we pride ourselves on the care and deep thought we put into every brand we have the honor to support.


About Our Team

We are three global entrepreneurs with specialties in brand empowerment, design, sales, and marketing. Our team works with yours in a hands-on manner to ignite your vision.

Stability & Growth

For a small to midsize business like yours – stability and growth are keys to the longevity of your dream. Here at Matchlight we work with you to make sure your current customer base hears your message clearly and remains loyal. Then we get to work helping you reach the ideal clients out there that are waiting to get to know you.

Community Trust

People do business with people and businesses they know they can trust. That trust can be made or broken at a glance or first impression. Matchlight works with small and mid-size businesses like yours to make sure that you look, feel, and sound trustworthy and powerful – no matter the platform or medium.


Matchlight By the Numbers

We love small to mid-size businesses, and can’t wait to work with you and your team. Check out some of what we’ve been up to below.

Words Written

Brands Created

Cups of Coffee

Websites Built

Design & Content Marketing

Have you ever known your message but not known how to make sure it’s worded or heard? We get it. We’ll work with you and make sure your message is clear, powerful, and attractive across all platforms. Matchlight is here to help you create irresistible content that converts to sales for your business.



Trust is key. Make sure that each of your Storefronts (read as: where a potential customer experiences your brand first) looks just as powerful and polished as your vision. With Matchlight’s help, your website, logo, and social media presence can become love at first sight for your ideal client.

Executive Level Coaching

You are an expert in your field and you love what you do. We share your passion in our lines of work as well!

The fact is, however, that most business owners don’t have hundreds of hours to invest in becoming experts on things like social media or branding. That’s where Matchlight Coaching comes in. We’re here with workshops for you and your team to help you get further faster. Reach out today to schedule a workshop for your Brand Alignment, Social Media, or more today.

Who We Are

Andrew W. Potter

Andrew W. Potter

Director of Sales & Marketing

I love local business. In fact, I’m intimately acquainted with them. Over the course of my career, I’ve owned and operated 4 SMBs myself. After beginning in executive sales in my early 20’s I realized that there had to be better ways to get messaging across target audiences. It was then that I found my way into marketing. Now I’m passionate about bringing my experience to the local business owners out there that want to “crack the code” and create a world where they don’t have to be worried every single month about meeting their bottom line or making payroll.

“Strike one match in the dark, and all the world’s not the same.”

Andreas Kraemer

Andreas Kraemer

Director of Business & Culture

With 20 years of experience in C-Level management, business ownership and executive coaching, I’ve devoted the majority of my adult life to helping dreamers and visionaries bring their big ideas to light. I specialize in leadership, structure, branding and communication. I believe a happy company is a productive company, for the employees and the customers, and I believe it all starts from the top down. When a leader knows their purpose and the company embodies it, the stage is set for loyalty, longevity and abundance.

“Don’t just call yourself out, call yourself forward.” 

Andrés Giordano

Andrés Giordano

Director of Creativity & Design

With 6 years of experience in Visual Arts & Communication, and 12 years of work in Marketing & Entertainment, I am the leader of 2 global teams of graphic designers. I truly believe that a foundation of a good brand is good design. It means more than just improving aesthetics, it is about making your product, service, and overall customer experience the best it can be. Here at Matchlight, I will help you to connect your brand with people at an emotional level and make your brand immensely valuable and memorable.

 “Where attention goes, energy flows.”

From our Clients

Matchlight is a dream to work with! I have been through the branding process three other times and this has been the best! They made it so easy and everyone was kind and talented at helping me discover what I wanted my logo to represent visually. I felt heard. The final result was a stunning logo that was unique and represents my wellness business in a way that makes me proud. Their turnaround time was fast and they were very attentive every step of the way! I am grateful they are part of my small business team.

Amy Grimes

CEO, Float Alchemy

“When it comes to my business, I expect absolute professionalism, and I don’t settle for less than the best. What these guys have done for us constantly has me blown away.”

Robert Smith

Owner, SAPPS

Wow, absolutely incredible! The folks here are some of the friendliest and most supportive people I have ever worked with.

You got a question? They answer it quickly and thoroughly!
You got a problem? They help you find the solution!
You aren’t happy with something? They fix it!
Best of all their designs are stunning!

I could go on and on about how wonderful it is to work with them but the most important things are, of the dozens of marketing companies I have worked with, these folks are the only ones that really make me feel like I have a grasp on what they are talking about (instead of a bunch of marketing mumbo jumbo that usually just confuses me) and that they care about how well both my company and I are doing!

Thank you Matchlight for all you have done for me!

Brandon Walls

CEO, Crown Leatherworks