Marketing my kids taught me.

I believe in childlike faith and wisdom. It’s always clear, concise, brutally honest, and unimpeded by our adult sense of “what should be.”

So, this morning over coffee, I decided to ask my kids: “What are some things that make you guys want to go to a business or watch a show?”

Get ready…. Because in their simplicity (and they didn’t know this) they dropped the mic on some of the hottest and cleanest information I’ve ever heard in regards to your company, your identity, and your brand. 

“I really like when the logo is bright and eye-catching.”

– Caleb


Does your logo make people want to look at it? No really. Read that again. Because if there isn’t something about your logo that makes someone want to keep their eye on it – they won’t. It’s really simple and brutally true. Blurry design, stale fonts, and tacky colors (or lack of color when it’s necessary) is bound to make your target want to take their eyes somewhere else. Why is that a problem? 

If they take their eyes somewhere else – they’ll take their business somewhere else too. 

“Something fun? Like…. If I see a lot of other people in the advertisement looking like they are enjoying themselves.”

– Kayd


Does your ad campaign revolve around the “clear eyes” guy staring at a teleprompter and never connecting with an audience? Or is it vibrant? There’s something about herd mentality to what we do. Something about seeing people like us enjoying what you have to offer. Your target audience connects with a few different things (we can roll that out at a later date…) but ONE of those things is this – other people just like them. 

Single moms know single moms. Dudes that want to build a new mancave know other dudes that want to build a mancave. Pool owners know other pool owners… You get it. So do you show your target audience the people they resonate with most, themselves, LOVING what you offer? If you aren’t, you’re missing the boat. Luckily for you, Matchlight Creative has a TON of ways to help you do just that.

Ok. A couple more.

“I like to see previews and things so I know what I’m going to experience.”

– Caleb

Here’s the question. Does your marketing speak to the future experience of your target audience? Have you given them a glimpse? If not, they’ll go find someone who does. There’s this old (I’m even willing to say archaic) idea that you bait people into your company/website/place of business with nebulous ideas of what they might possibly find, and use their curiosity to “kill the cat.” 

Whoa there, super sleuth. 

Since when do you want to kill anyone anyway? Last time I checked, you want to close deals, expand your vision, and live the life you always wanted. If you believe in what you do – and we know you do because you wouldn’t be doing this otherwise – then give people a taste of what they’ll experience when they embrace your product or service. In my son’s words: give them a “preview.”

I’m going to use this as a quick commercial break to remind you – we do this. Matchlight Creative will work with you and your company to offer a brand-spanking new ONE HUNDRED PERCENT FREE mock-up of your next design.


Because my son likes previews. So do you. So does your target audience.

“If I see a lot of people there, or going there.”

– Kayd

“If one of my friends said I should go.”

– Caleb


Plain and simple. 

Brutally honest question:

Does what you’re currently doing drive traffic to your company? Does it? How do you know? Do you have actual stats and analytics showing you, “WOW… that campaign we just rolled out boosted our sales by 900%!?” There’s a secret here. 

Traffic produces traffic. 

Matchlight Creative believes in producing designs, marketing, branding, and leadership that produces VISIBLE and TRACKABLE traffic to your company. Read that again.




I guess you could say that I’m glad I sat down to have my coffee with my two kids this morning. If this made sense to you, just give a little click below and contact us. It’s time to let Matchlight help you start something.