Graphic design is so important…

… but it’s not always easy to create unique, high-quality designs for your business. It can take tons of your valuable time to do it yourself/in-house and then, many times, the design is just “good enough.”

You aren’t alone.

Local businesses everywhere deal with this exact issue. Lucky for you, Matchlight Creative is all about meeting the needs of local business owners and entrepreneurs.

So take a deep breath.

We’ve got you covered with a brand new service.


Now you can get the same great quality for all your ongoing projects.

Matchlight Creative is proud to introduce Ongoing Design Bundles, giving you everything you need for your graphic design projects. Here are just a few ideas for how you can take advantage. Things like:

• Magazine ads

• Mailers

• Brochures

• Sales materials

• Billboards

• Apparel

• Social media ad design

Here’s how it works.

You pay a discounted monthly rate that gets you a specified number of hours that you have access to our team. From there, you just let us know what you need. Our team will come together to help you make sure your storefronts are aligned and shining. After you proof your design, you’ll even get two complimentary revisions on every job. 

We don’t get you stuck with any long-term contracts or agreements, either. You’ll start with 3 months of the service, and then be billed on a month-to-month basis. That means you can stop whenever you need or want!

And, as always, Matchlight comes ready with 3 options for whatever size your business or needs are.

No more guesswork. Just great design.

Your business is worth more than just “good enough” designs.

Now you don’t have to worry about who you’ll get to do your next design, and you can forget about having to try and create something in-house to meet a deadline. 

Make sure your audience experiences your brand in all of its power, beauty, and clarity. 

Matchlight Creative. 

Start something.


(Psst…. scroll down and click through some of our work for clients just like you before you leave! You won’t be disappointed!)

Book a call with one of our experts.

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“We imagine a world where businesses large and small have equal access to the highest quality marketing, media, and design. We imagine a world where business owners get to be in the loop of the creative process from start to finish. We imagine a world where new businesses, small businesses, and local businesses can be overjoyed by how their audience experiences their brand.”

Andrew Potter

CEO Matchlight Creative

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