This is what we started with when we found Gas Station Supply.

You can see that they wanted a more “retro” feel just by looking at the font they used. Add in the racer stripes (or maybe those are the lights on the outside of an old-timey diner…), and we’ve been transported to the ‘50s. Even the bright red brings up memories of Coca-Cola bottles and bright red wagons from our nation’s past.

But what they had in retro, they lacked in professionalism.

Enter Matchlight. We knew that Gas Station Supply deserved a truly premier logo, so we took all of that and ran with it.

Now, watch our team work.

The logo reveal

Route 66 and all the glory of the gasoline industry meets Gas Station Supply.

After hours of study and countless pictures of both new and old gas stations, we worked closely with the executives of GSS to create something shiny and new that still felt retro and nostalgic. 

From the “wings” on the logo, to the star at the base, to the interior shape of an old filling station – this logo eats, sleeps, and breathes retro, while still bringing in some of the most stable and elite elements in the petroleum industry.

Now GSS has a shiny and new, truly unique logo that they are proud to display and feel truly represents their brand.

Alternative logos 

The Use of illustrations 

Why we chose to use illustration.

When you think of comic books, what are you reminded of first? Is it the artistry behind the illustrations? Maybe the way your favorite comic book could take you on an adventure in just a few short pages? Or is it that you used to save up your quarter to buy the new issue at the corner store every week?

For us, it’s all of it. The artistry, the powerful story-telling, and the nostalgia all wrapped into one. With that trifecta, we just had to include illustrations in the GSS brand.

Once we decided we were doing illustrations, we had to make it premier. That’s why we created a special illustration system specifically for the GSS brand. A special mix of modern style with retro elements was built to evoke powerful emotions and make GSS stand out from the competition.

From there, we used the GSS color scheme and strategically colored each illustration with special consideration to the GSS brand. Every single piece is its own little work of art to create a feeling of power and simplicity.

We provided each illustration to GSS in vector format. That way, each can be resized without becoming pixelated and the color is more flexible (such as a 25% gradient).

Brand imagery and fonts

GSS wanted to look confident, straightforward, professional, and friendly. That’s why we chose a font that was clear and simple to be used in all of their messaging. The typeface is also a complement to the new logo with its straightforward and clean look. The combination of the brand’s retro elements with a modern font shows both their connection to the past and also a strong feeling of professionalism.

All of their brand imagery is equally as clean and straightforward. There are bright colors, positive and inspiring messages, and no overly cluttered or confusing images.

It's about to get even better...

Just look at other ways the brand rolls out.
Let's have a look

Gas Station Supply online

Now Gas Station Supply has a powerful, professional, and nostalgic online presence to portray the proper image of their company online. Later this year, their app will be released, allowing customers and salespeople in the field to access their massive product inventory from their mobile devices.

Will your audience trust you?

Your identity is defined by the way the world experiences your brand and company – no matter where that experience occurs. Companies today have to make sure their brand is aligned on all their “storefronts” – from their brick-and-mortar presence, to their website, to their social media .

Businesses often get pitched on the idea that their logo is a brandThat is simply not the case. A logo is just the very tip of the iceberg. At The Matchlight Group we specialize in brand empowerment—not just logo creation. If you just want a logo, not a problem! We’d be delighted to help, and we have a package just for that.

But, if you want a team that can help you empower your company on a cover-to-cover initiative that ignites your entire team and builds trust with potential customers, we’re equipped and ready to make that happen.

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