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Bluegrass, Barbecue, & Brew

Bluegrass, Barbecue, & Brew is hosted at Patrick Henry’s Red Hill. It’s one of Central Virginia’s largest festivals and people come from all over the world for food, fun, and award-winning music.

We helped them change their website from a low-quality solution to one that inspired and handled massive audience interaction. Scroll down for a look.

We took their existing “website-in-a-box” and turned it into a fully-functional content management system. Not only that, but they had been dealing with emailing PDFs for vendor applications, so we offered them a solution of being able to have vendors and sponsors apply directly on the website.

Simple. Elegant. Fun.

Their old event poster was pretty good for a local Central, VA, nonprofit organization, but they wanted better. We infused the event poster with their brand, the geography of Patrick Henry’s Red Hill, and the seasonal fun of the festival.

Your online storefront. 

Your website is the first storefront that most of your clients will see.

Have you taken as much time in its development and creation as you did with your showroom? How are your analytics? Do you know who’s visiting your website, where they came from, and how long they’re staying? Do you know the research on the way that a customer’s eyes move across your website to make sure that they don’t miss an important buying message or call to action?

Those questions are just the beginning.

According to Ironistic, businesses should be updating their websites every 2-3 years. The good news isnow that Matchlight Creative is in your corner, that doesn’t need to cost a fortune. In fact, it can probably be done more quickly and less expensively than you think.

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