A business called Conscious Profit

When we met the founder of what would become Elite Business & Life, he was running his business Conscious Profit. However, he had tired of the name Conscious Profit. The play on words no longer held the potency it once had, the pyramid in his logo no longer accurately represented the culture of the business, and the fonts were not impactful enough for such a strong business model. He knew it was time to raise the professional look of his company as well as grow his online presence.

Now, watch our team work.

The logo reveal

Reemerging from the flames

Enter Matchlight. In order to find a name that truly represented the core values and purpose of the company, he first completed our brand workshop. Upon completion, the name Elite Business & Life emerged. From there, we began the process of creating a new logo and brand that truly represented the company.

After several logo concepts, it was evident that a bird –⁠ representative of strength, the feeling of seeing everything from above as a whole, and the power to move quickly from one place to another with ease –⁠ would become the isotype of Elite Business & Life. After several revisions, a bird that could be a bird of prey or perhaps even a phoenix that is rising from the ashes was chosen. The isotype is always pointing upwards, never rotated, to give a feeling of vertical, upward movement. Never staying where you are, but rising.

From there, we were tasked with finding a font that matched the strength and power of the isotype. While birds often represent strength and power, they can lack grounding. That’s why we chose a font for his logo that is 100% stable. The sans font in his logo is sturdy, never to be italicized, and is in all capital letters. This adds even more strength to the logo while also incorporating feelings of stability and structure.

The main color palette 

Alternative logos 

The Graphic Identity

Brand imagery and colors

One aspect of Conscious Profit that was simply refreshed rather than completely replaced were the brand colors. First we took the previous yellow and darkened it to create a more solid feeling while still retaining one of wealth and worth. The blue followed suit to both complement the new golden yellow and evoke feelings of calm, security, and confidence. Power is also evident in this petrol blue –⁠ like that of the depths of the ocean. The yellow stimulates the mental faculties of our left or analytical brain while the blue creates a more soothing effect. These two colors balance each other to give even more stability and evenness to the brand promising a strong foundation to those companies who wish to to work with Elite Business & Life.

All brand imagery for EBL is clean and gives a feeling of elite professionalism in both life and business. Imagery that incorporates brand colors (similar or exact) as a whole or as an accent are used as often as is possible. Pictures that evoke a feeling of growth, rebirth, new beginnings, stability, and upward mobility are at the center of Elite Business & Life.

Growing an online presence

When EBL came to us, the only online presence they had was a private Facebook Group consisting of their current clients. They knew that having a strong online presence had become not just an option for new client acquisition but a necessity.

Our first step in growing their online presence was to create a business Instagram account, a business Facebook Page, and a Twitter account. All pages are aligned to the EBL brand in color, communication style, and overall feel. Using a picture of the owner, we removed the background and added a solid light grey background for a profile picture across all platforms. For a cover photo, we used the branded blue and created a look of leather to add to the professional feel of the page. Then we added the horizontal version of the logo.

All posts are planned ahead of time with a specific percentage of posts fitting into the content pillars of either an “elite life” or “elite business.” All posts are used to either grow trust, consideration, awareness, or conversion while incorporating the face of the company for a personal touch that potential clients can identify with and learn to know, like, and trust.

The website we designed for EBL keeps with the brand by using a plethora of clean lines while incorporating some texture. Their two-page site is exactly as they wanted it to be –⁠ clear and concise. It explains who they are, what they do and gives potential clients the ability to take their online assessment as well as reach out to them without becoming overwhelmed by too much information or distraction.

Elite Business & Life online

Now Elite Business & Life has a simple, streamlined, and powerful website to start their clients off right.

Will your audience trust you?

Your identity is defined by the way the world experiences your brand and company – no matter where that experience occurs. Companies today have to make sure their brand is aligned on all their “storefronts” – from their brick-and-mortar presence, to their website, to their social media .

Businesses often get pitched on the idea that their logo is a brandThat is simply not the case. A logo is just the very tip of the iceberg. At Matchlight Creative we specialize in brand empowerment—not just logo creation. If you just want a logo, not a problem! We’d be delighted to help, and we have a package just for that.

But, if you want a team that can help you empower your company on a cover-to-cover initiative that ignites your entire team and builds trust with potential customers, we’re equipped and ready to make that happen.

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