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When we met Pacific Catch, they already had a beautiful logo and brand.

They wanted to take all of that to the next level with updated menus, a freshened social media presence, custom animations, and a whole lot more.

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Menus, Social Media, & More

From surfside to tableside 

From the moment you sit down at a restaurant to the time you leave, it’s the restaurant’s job to make you stay hungry. We worked with Pacific Catch to update their menus and tabletop designs to show off the incredible food that that serve. 

A Social Media Hook 

Getting noticed and staying fresh

We work very closely with Pacific Catch on the things that they have upcoming – specials, events, holidays, you name it. They wanted to take their social media presence to a whole new level because they knew there were more fish in the sea.

Now their social media has food reels, animations, and plenty of eye-catching material to bring potential clients in.

Will your audience trust you?

Your identity is defined by the way the world experiences your brand and company – no matter where that experience occurs. Companies today have to make sure their brand is aligned on all their “storefronts” – from their brick-and-mortar presence, to their website, to their social media .

Businesses often get pitched on the idea that their logo is a brandThat is simply not the case. A logo is just the very tip of the iceberg. At The Matchlight Group we specialize in brand empowerment—not just logo creation. If you just want a logo, not a problem! We’d be delighted to help, and we have a package just for that.

But, if you want a team that can help you empower your company on a cover-to-cover initiative that ignites your entire team and builds trust with potential customers, we’re equipped and ready to make that happen.

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