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They just hadn’t found a way to empower their brand to express that to the world.  

Our team worked closely with the different departmental heads at The Mid-State Group to find a way to bring all of their core competencies together and show their individuality along with the power of the company as a whole. 

Now, watch our team work.

The branding reveal

A fresh take on direction

First, we began by having a look at the compass that Mid-State had been identifying their brand with. It was a great direction (pun intended) but needed to find an updated and powerful look that brought all of what their company does to light.


Our team took the idea of the compass, and updated it to a modern aesthetic, while using colors with a gradient to represent each of the core competencies you find when working with The Mid-State Group.

Keeping it in the family

Mid-State is a complex company that specializes in several different areas. We wanted to give each of them their own beautiful place in the brand, while showing the company as a whole.

The main color palette 

Inspiration for brand imagery

Finding our direction

As you may have surmised, Mid-State was drawn to things like maps, compasses, and direction. It was important to us that while we were looking to keep things modern and fresh that we continued drawing inspiration and direction from things that were iconic and have stood the test of time. The result was blending a vintage compass and directional idea to a fresh, powerful new look.

Finding the font

As was the case with the compass, we wanted something that felt old but looked new. We landed on Optimus Princeps to show off the old-school quality and work ethic of Mid-State, while bringing the brand up to date because of the heightened aesthetic. 

Take note of how the more “vintage” font brings power to the brand without just looking “old” or “stale.” If you’re a company that is looking to find this balance, we’d love to help!

Look at them now

As we continued to work with The Mid-State Group beyond their branding, their sales materials and marketing started to shine.

Will your audience trust you?

Your identity is defined by the way the world experiences your brand and company – no matter where that experience occurs. Companies today have to make sure their brand is aligned on all their “storefronts” – from their brick-and-mortar presence, to their website, to their social media .

Businesses often get pitched on the idea that their logo is a brandThat is simply not the case. A logo is just the very tip of the iceberg. At The Matchlight Group we specialize in brand empowerment—not just logo creation. If you just want a logo, not a problem! We’d be delighted to help, and we have a package just for that.

But, if you want a team that can help you empower your company on a cover-to-cover initiative that ignites your entire team and builds trust with potential customers, we’re equipped and ready to make that happen.

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